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Autumn 2023

Just For Larfs, Seen About the Club, Vandals, Paddle Boat Day

Summer 2022

Seen About the Club, Just For Larfs, Seniors Week, Buy Swap & Sell Day, Steam Boat Day, Blue-Green Algae Outbreak

Spring 2022

Seen About the Club, Ken Burge's 'Sugar Producer', Other Interests Day, Christmas in July, Just For Larfs, Paddle Boat Day, Steam Boat day, Work Boat day, Sail Boat day

Winter 2022

Seen About the Club, 040 Long Range Rescue, Rippon Lea Visit, Navy Day, Just For Larfs, Tug Boat Day, More Oscar W.

Autumn 2022

Post Cards Visit, Christmas Luncheon, Anti Vax Follies, Seen About the Club, Rippon Lea Preview, Just For Larfs, Oscar W's

Summer 2021

Seen About the Club, Changing Times, Buy Swap & Sell Day, Oscar W Popular Model, Just For Larfs, First Day Back, MERRY CHRISTMAS

Spring 2021

Seen About the Club, Member Tributes, Wavemaster Restoration, A Member's other Interest, Just For Larfs, Paddle Boat Day.

Winter 2021

Seen About the Club, Endurance Events, Tug Boat Day, Navy Day, Buy Swap & Sell Day, Les Lee Memorial Steam Day, Just For Larfs, Notice of AGM, New Life Member.

Autumn 2021

Ollie Day, Seen About the Club, The Dauntless, HMS Hannibal, Australia Day, Blast From the Past

Summer 2020

COVID-19 >> In Lockdown At Home - Members' projects.

Spring 2020

Just for Larfs, Covid Comments, Seen About the Club, In Lockdown At Home, Transmitter Repairs.

Winter 2020

Just for Covid-19 Larfs; Box Hill Miniature Steam Railway; Seen About the Club; Member Profile ..Replay; Sail Enduro Runs.

Autumn 2020

Buffet Lunch, D.V.H.C.C. Visit, Just for Larfs, Ollie Day, Seen About the Club, Christmas Luncheon, Motorised Enduro Runs, Australia Day

Summer 2019

Buy, Swap & Sell Day, Seen About the Club, Night Sailing, Just for Larfs, Inside this issue, Seniors Month Open days, Square Rig Day, Schooner, Ketch & Couta Boat Day, Whitehorse Spring Festival

Spring 2019

Seen About the Club, Collision course, Just for Larfs, Inside this issue, Les Lee Steam Day, Visit to St. George Model Boat Club, Paddle Boat Day, Small Sail Boat Day, Christmas in July, Flour Power

Winter 2019

Seen About the Club, Night Sailing, Members Other Interests, Inside this issue, Steam Day, Global Fiesta, Tug Boat Days, Sail Enduros, Mildura Model Road trip, Fast Boat Day, Navy Day

Autumn 2019

Australia Day Weekend, Dandenong Valley Historic Car Club, Box Hill Miniature Steam Railway, Christmas luncheon, Ollie Day, Club Buffet, Seen About the Club

Summer 2018

Paddle Steamer Hero, Just For Larfs, Square Rig Day, Seen About the Club, Whitehorse Spring Festival, Schooner Ketch & Couta boat Day, Navy Day, Open Days

Spring 2018

Christmas in July, Steam Day, Paddle BoatDay, Member's Other Interests, Just For Larfs, Work Boat Day, Baker Institute Visit, Small Sail Boat Day

Winter 2018

Thank you to friends of SPMBC, Seen About The Club, Endurance runs, Steam Day, OBE Award, Just For Larfs, Life Member, Dinghy Makeover, And more

Autumn 2018

Seen About The Club, Salad Days, Christmas Lunches, A Moveable Feast, Just For Larfs, Tips for Life, Endurance runs, What is being focussed on?

Summer 2017

Night Sailing, Seen About The Club, Como Gardens, Diabetes Day, Whitehorse Festival, Just For Larfs, Navy Day

Spring 2017

Christmas in July, Seen About The Club, What is it, Work Boat Day, Just For Larfs, Paddle Boat Day, Steam Day

Winter 2017

Visits to SPMBC, Members other hobbies, Sail Endurance Runs, Seen About The Club, Just For Larfs, Steam Day, Juniors Day, Como Gardens

Autumn 2017

Christmas at Cherry Hill Tavern, Endurance Runs, Seen About The Club, Just For Larfs, S.S. Miner, DVHCC Visit, Club Luncheon

Summer 2016

Whitehorse Festival, Seen About The Club, Schooner Ketch & Couta Boat Day, Night Sailing, Club Luncheon, Just For Larfs, Letter from USA, Christmas at Cherry Hill Tavern

Spring 2016

Paddle Boat Day, Just for Larfs, Steam Boat Day, African Queen, Seen About the Club, Small Sail Boat Day, Work Boat Day

Winter 2016

Navy Day, Seen About The Club, Members Other Hobbies, Historic Car Club Visit, Just for Larfs, Steam Day, Night Sailing

Autumn 2016

Christmas feast, Sea Shepherd, Endurance day, Old dock memories, Seen about the club, Just for Larfs, Cincinnati maritime modelers

Summer 2015

Endurance Day, Seen About The Club, Night Sailing, New Dock Opening, Fast Boat Day
Just for Larfs, Mal Roberts Life Membership, Whitehorse Festival

Spring 2015

2015 AGM, Paddle Boat Day, Christmas in July, Scottish Cutter Madge, Just for Larfs, Seen about the Club

Winter 2015

Fast Boat Appreciation Day, Seen About the Club, Just for Larfs, New Dock First Use, Night Sailing, Navy Day

Autumn 2015

Bill Gilberts Model Collection, Defibrillator & CPR Training, Christmas Lunch at The Manhattan, Sub-Miniature Steam Boiler Operations, Just For Larfs, The Way It Was, P.S. Success, Seen about the Club, Australian Wooden Boat Festival, Endurance Runs

Summer 2014

Work Boat Day, Scrap Material Day, Just For Larfs, Night Sailing, Como Gardens, Spring Festival, Navy Day, P.S Golden City & Lake Wendouree Paddlers, Miniature Steam Railway, etc.....

Spring 2014

Endurance Run, P.S. Golden City, Just for Larfs, Paddle Boat Day, Seen About The Club, Christmas in July, etc.....

Winter 2014

Benson Ford, Navy Day, Just for Larfs, Working Bee, Como gardens

Autumn 2014

Christmas Lunch, Just for larfs, Security vessel, Soldering tips, 25th Anniversary


25th Anniversary pictorial booklet

Summer 2013

Just for Larfs, Steam Day, Whitehorse Festival, Como Gardens, Clubs Overseas, Night Boating, etc....

Spring 2013

In the beginning, What sail is that, Paddle boat day, Christmas in July

Winter 2013

Yea Autumn Festival, Steam Day, Navy Day, Fast Boat Appreciation day, Story of PS Mary Ann, Como Gardens, Endurance race day results

Autumn 2013

Marsville Australia day, Severn  Life boat, Como Gardens, Gilligan's Island

Spring 2012

The Commodore's Comments; Events you can't afford to miss; Useful information

Winter 2012

The Marblehead story, April Como Day, Steam Day, How to make keel weights

Autumn 2012

Now hear this, Sea dragon, Sail day, Footy, Events, Fast boat rules, Club info

Summer 2012

Now hear this, Looking back the way we were, Full steam ahead, Just for larfs,

Summer 2011

Commodores report, Building a bigger boat shed, Steam boat perfection

Winter 2011

Now hear this, Steaming ahead, Gisborne tractor pull, Navy day photos

Autumn 2011

Commodores report, That sinking feeling, Not the news, Sails in the making

Spring 2010

Now hear this, Lords of the scrap heap, steam finishing boat, building a bigger shed



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