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July 2022

Moonraker by Bin Tan


Nov 2021

Graham's PT boats by Haig Jansz

July 2018

Steam Boats by Haig Jansz

Feb 2018

Sunday boating by John Dutton

Aug 2017

Work Boat Day by Martin Lui

July 2017

Steam Day by Martin Lui

Mar 2017

Steam Day by Haig Jansz

Feb 2017

Sail Day by Haig Jansz

Dec 2016

Graham Smithwick Schnellboot with camouflage & Haig Jansz boats

Dec 2016

Graham Smithwick & Haig Jansz boats

Nov 2016

Haig Jansz submarine, HMS Triumph

July 2016

Claude's boat

June 2014

Paddle Boat Day

May 2014

Water line camera

April 2013

Steam Boats Day

April 2012

Anniversary of Titanic Sinking

June 2011

Paddle Boats Day

June 2011

Navy Day

11 July 2010

Sailing Day




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